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This is my journey...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Here is a bunch of information about who I am and how I got to where I am and why you should listen to me!!

I struggled with Depression for about 10 years before having a massive panic attack in 2012 . 

I was already on a path of learning about personal development before 2012, including overcoming a crippling social anxiety. However, I then really started to focus on how to make sure that I never again struggled with Stress, Anxiety or Depression (SAD). I also wanted to make sure that once I got off the anti-depressants that I had been put on, I would never have to take them again. 
Chapter 2: The Creation
I have learnt NLP and studied CBT & EFT. I have experienced a number of other therapies including Havening & BWRT and studied neuroscience and the biology of the brain. I have also taken loads of courses, read hundreds of books , listened to hours of audios and spent thousands of pounds. I have now combined all this learning into a single place and a simple to follow course, so that you can learn everything I have learnt in over 15 years of study and implement it really easily through some simple daily activities.
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